Subscription Integration

Multiple Time Payment

Credit card on file helps us to automatically capture payment whenever required.

For multiple time payment, use ZazPay Vault action. ZazPay will store the credit card in vault and return vault_key & masked_cc. Using this vault_key, application can call Auth/Capture action to authorize/charge the card multiple time.

Suggested Workflow

  • Call the Auth with an amount of $1 (recommended) or the local currency equivalent, to verify card details before save the card in vault. It is an optional but recommended.
  • Before doing card authorization clearly inform to buyer in the payment form like site will place an authorization hold on buyer credit card. These requests aren't actual charges; they are tests to confirm that credit card account is active. Authorization holds are removed by your financial institution shortly after your purchase clears. The time it takes to remove authorization requests varies by financial institution.
  • Call the Vault with credit card details to store the card in vault. ZazPay will return vault_key and masked_cc after successfully saved card in vault. Store the vault_key and masked_cc in your application database.
[Image:  Subscription Form]
  • If a buyer already saved a card in your application then show the saved cards list for that buyer in payment form or ask buyer to give new card details to save in vault. If buyer chosen an already saved card then ask buyer to enter CVV to confirm once again. (refer above screenshot)
  • Now the application can capture the card multiple time by passing the vault_key to Auth/Capture action to authorize/charge the card.