Free* payment integration for super users. Manage multiple sites and multiple payment gateways with one unified API.

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Increase conversion rate. Reduce integration cost.

ZazPay offers easy payment gateway integration through single-payment gateway abstraction API. This saves a lot of additional payment integration cost for every website. We keep adding selected and useful gateways to the list. By providing a wide range of useful payment gateways, you can increase your website conversion rate.

Integrate one, easy, simple ZazPay on your websites. Then keep pushing multiple payment options to your users without using any code and additional programming overhead.

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ZazPay offers easy payment gateway integration options through:

  1. 1. Normal form method
    						<form action="" method="post">
    <input name="merchant_id" type="hidden" value="7032"/> 
    <input name="website_id" type="hidden" value="7030"/>
    <input name="action" type="hidden" value="Capture"/> 
    <input name="amount" type="hidden" value="1"/>
    <input name="currency_code" type="hidden" value="USD"/>
    <input name="item_name" type="hidden" value="ZazPay demo"/>
    <input name="item_description" type="hidden" value="$1 will be captured on confirmation"/>
    <input name="x-name" type="hidden" value="ZazPay demo"/>
    <input name="x-amount" type="hidden" value="1"/>
     <input name="x-product_id" type="hidden" value="123456"/>
    <input name="z-category" type="hidden" value="Demo"/>
    <input name="signature" type="hidden" value="a14a674c04b5c918ad06dd2916ca3c8f" />
    <input name="success_url" type="hidden" value=""/>
    <input name="cancel_url'" type="hidden" value=""/>
    <input name="submit" class="btn btn-large" type="submit" value="Pay $1"/>
  2. 2. JavaScript buttons
    							<button id="payBtn" class="payBtn" type="button" data-param="merchant_id=7032&website_id=7030&action=Capture&amount=1&currency_code=USD&item_name=ZazPay demo&item_description=$1 will be captured on confirmation&x-name=ZazPay demo&x-amount=1&x-product_id=123456&z-category=Demo&signature=8abfc8729108eeed0a1413c528f5c48a&cancel_url=">Pay $1</button> 
     (function(s, u, d, o, p, a, y, b, t, n) {  s['zazpay_btn_ids'] = p;  a = u.createElement(d),y = u.getElementsByTagName(d)[0];  a.async = 1;  a.src = o; y.parentNode.insertBefore(a, y);  })(window, document, 'script', '//', ['payBtn']); 
  3. Note: Payment will happen in real-time
  4. 3. Transparent API method
    Payments will happen through API calls and so users will not see ZazPay button and the webpage.

Integration options

With normal form method, the users are directed to and redirected back to the site. JavaScript button method is similar to the normal form method, but the loads within the site’s layout using iframe.

Transparent API method is for those who prefer to avoid ZazPay branding to their users.

Multiple payment methods

Currently we offer all necessary payment methods for good conversions and fraud avoidance. This includes electronic payment gateways like Dwolla, PayPal, and Credit Card and Bitcoin processors.

Apart from online payments, we also offer the ability to setup manual or offline payments.

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For payment gateway companies

We keep adding only useful gateways for our users. If you want us to list your gateway, please contact us.

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Free* for usage, when you use default pricing configuration. One time listing/setup fee is required to install ZazPay in your websites.

* Usage fee will be collected from your customers and hence will be free for you.

Compelling Reasons for Developers

  • Marketplace

    Payment from website user to multiple persons–usually the website owner and a seller within the site is much of in need for marketplace sites like group buying, crowd funding, freelancer marketplace, etc. But, the payment gateways are limited and complex. With ZazPay, all complexities are abstracted and simplified.

  • Auth Capture

    In shopping carts and ecommerce websites, payment may only need to be authorized first. Based on stocks or other criteria like tipping points, the authorized amount needed to be either captured or voided. Though credit card companies and certain payment processors offer this ability, the hold period and guarantee vary across processors. In ZazPay, payment gateways are automatically selected based on necessary criteria.

  • $

    Manual Payments

    Manual payments or offline payments are often overlooked for conversions. It’s easy to setup manual payment instructions in ZazPay and once done, it’s easy to process incoming payments for all your websites from a single control panel. Our payment API sends IPN notification to the respective sites and so payments are handled in a seamless manner.

  • $


    Bitcoin, the virtual currency is getting popular among merchants and entrepreneurs. Significant advantage of Bitcoin is that we can dramatically avoid chargebacks. With our unified API, merchants can never miss any Bitcoins.

  • Subscription

    Credit card on file helps us to automatically capture payment whenever required. Recurring payments are essential for a successful SaaS business or any service business. With ZazPay’s credit card vault API, credit card numbers can securely be stored and captured whenever required.

  • 1-Click Payment (or) Credit Card Vault

    To improve user experiences and conversions, Amazon and Apple use 1-click payment process in which the Credit card is been stored in file and whenever new purchases are made, it prompts users to enter only CVV. ZazPay makes it easy with easy vault service.

Testimonial from Happy Customers

  • [Image: Rajan, Project Consultant in MNC]
    Thanks for saving our development time:-)
  • [Image: Alex, Ex-Senior Executive of a payment gateway company]
    Expecting more from ZazPay guys. You have created an amazing product and a very good marketplace payment API.
  • [Image: Karthik, Ruby rockstar]
    Why your API documents are complete so that I can’t bug you:-D